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'I should be dedicated my life for Eric'

প্রকাশ:  ১৫ জুলাই ২০১৯, ২০:০১
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“I returned home from abroad, just after hearing the news that Eric’s father is no more. But I’m not allowed to take a look at him. My son Eric has been crying and crying since yesterday (Sunday) after he lost his father. He is crying and searching for his mom as his father is not any more. But, I’m not allowed to take a look at him. Even, I’m not allowed to go closer to his body.”

Eric’s mother Bidisha was saying this on Monday noon.

She said, “I’m not even allowed to talk to Eric. Have I no right to see my son as mom? Will I not see Eric’s father? I will sacrifice my life for my disabled son if necessary.”

Former president and Jatiya Party (JP) Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad was died on Sunday. His ex-wife Bidisha was in India. She was returned home from Azmir Sharif after heared the news of Ershad's death.

Bidisha wants to take a look at Ershad’s body and eager to stand by Eric.

She alleged that she could not talk to her son even after she made a phone call to President Park (Ershad’s residence).

Foul politics and conspiracies are being made around my challenged son, Bidisha alleged.

She posted a status on Facebook mentioning this.

She wrote, “Countrymen also cried with my son Eric after his father’s death. I madly returned home. But I’m in front of obstacles after reaching home. Where is ‘my husband’s body’. Where is my son? Eric is not allowed to talk to me let alone to meet. He is a disabled by born. Politics is going on around my son when he badly needs his mom. If it is necessary to sacrifice my life for my son as a mom, I will do it.”

When contacted ‘The President Park’ about the allegation, an employee of the residence denied to talk over the matter.


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